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Welcome to the ChildSafe Network

Welcome to the ChildSafe Network an international network that consists of local and international people, businesses and groups that protect children from abuse and prevent them from being placed in abusive situations.

This site is designed for you to become aware of the dangers children face, especially children on the streets. We also provide guidance as to how to make a real difference by creating positive behaviors when coming face to face with a child in a risk situation. We hope that you adopt our ChildSafe Network philosophy and be a part of our growing network.

Children worldwide, especially street children, are at high risk of being abused. Abuse and risk situations for children include: domestic violence, unsafe migration which can lead to trafficking, various forms of exploitation including sexual and labor, and drug use.

Travelers unwillingly and unknowingly often increase the vulnerability of street children by giving directly to the children. We want to encourage travelers to look at the situation differently and provide them with alternatives so that they actively participate in helping children move away from life on the streets.

The ChildSafe Network is building a protective environment for children, especially street children, to safeguard them from these dangers. The local and international community – especially businesses, families and key community leaders, as well as travelers - are involved. We train key people to keep their eyes wide open, recognize situations where children might be at risk and to know how to respond.

The ChildSafe Network further builds referral systems that involve organizations who have unique services for children. All referral organizations have a key emphasis on reintegrating children into society.

You might be traveling to one of our partner countries where children are at risk, you might be a foreigner living in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand or Indonesia or you might be running a business: a local business that can be trained to protect children (taxi, hotel, restaurant etc.), a business working with tourists (hotel, travel agency, magazine etc.) or you may be a major national or international business that can help us spread ChildSafe messages to our target populations.

Fast Facts:
  • There are estimated 100 million street children worldwide

  • In Cambodia there are estimated 24,000 children living and working on the streets.

  • Street children are at high risk of abuse including sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, drug misuse, etc.

  • ChildSafe Network was launched in 2005 in Cambodia by Friends-International.

  • From 2005 to 2008 ChildSafe Network has trained and certified over 1500 persons to protect children in Cambodia and Thailand.

  • In 2009, ChildSafe activities will expand to Lao PDR, France, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

  • 167 pedophiles, people who abuse children sexually (charged with sexual exploitation, trafficking, rape and debauchery) were arrested in Cambodia in 2006 (Ministry of Interior statistics).

  • Learn how to become a ChildSafe Traveler so you too can protect children.
If you see a child in need, don’t turn away! Report the case to local authorities or organizations that can help the child effectively.