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14 years old, male — Communication. (Siem Reap-Cambodia)

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Rethink how much real help you are providing by playing with children from a different culture and how much harm strangers can cause in an orphanage. Institutionalized orphanage tourism makes it easier for pedophiles to access children especially if there are no background checks of visitors in place. Some orphanages advertise children who dance for visitors and that it’s possible to rent children for functions. This comes very close to child labor and does not go in line with a child’s right to protection and education.

Please reconsider your help and travel itinerary, support the work of local social workers instead who can make a real positive difference in children’s lives.

If you want to visit an orphanage despite ChildSafe recommendations not to, ensure that this orphanage is officially registered, has a child protection policy in place, children receive sufficient nutrition and education and – for the sake of your own purse – external auditors check the correct use of donations.

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