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12 years old, female — Skydiving. (Vientianne-Lao PDR)

ChildSafe Businesses

ChildSafe invites small and large national- as well as international businesses to join the ChildSafe protection network. All businesses have in common that they are facilitators – they can make the access to child abuse easy or they can help to prevent it.

We are looking for business to become ChildSafe members: they are selected, trained to protect children directly, tested, certified, promoted and monitored. And we are looking ChildSafe major businesses to become ChildSafe partners who support and promote the campaign in different ways.

On national levels, the staff of businesses such as hotels and guesthouses, taxis, restaurants, internet cafes, swimming pools, playgrounds etc. are trained to keep their eyes wide open to recognize dangerous situations for children and to take appropriate action. After training, all staff are tested and if they pass the test, they will be certified. The certification is followed by regular monitoring and adapted continuous training. The trainings are created for each type of business individually:
In hotels and guesthouses, there is an emphasis on recognizing the danger of sexual abuse of children. The staff is trained not to let in customers with minors other than their own and to inform the police or local ChildSafe team.

A ChildSafe taxi (car, mototaxi, tuktuk, cyclo, rickshaw etc.) is trained to help children in various situations: first, and most importantly that he himself does not promote child prostitution to his clients and that he does refuse to give information to clients about child prostitution. Further, he calls the police or local ChildSafe team if he witnesses a child in danger: a child who had an accident, a child who has migrated, arrives in the city and does not know where to go, a child that is discriminated against or a child that is at danger of being abused.

In a ChildSafe Internet Café all respective staff have been trained and tested to recognize dangers for children and youth respecting the use of internet as well as well as of children/youth being “groomed” by pedophiles in Internet Cafés. The ChildSafe Internet Café Policy is placed visible for all customers to see and – if the policy is not followed – to inform the ChildSafe team.

A ChildSafe Travel Agent or Tour Operator ensures that all tour guides and tour leaders have been trained on ChildSafe principles and agree with them. Further, all travelers who take tours with a ChildSafe travel agency/tour operator receive an information sheet with ChildSafe traveler tips. A ChildSafe Travel Partner promotes the ChildSafe campaign on its website, in publications and directly at the agency where tours can be booked.

A ChildSafe magazine recognizes and supports the ChildSafe principles. It abandons articles, advertisements and information which promote child abusive places such as prostitution bars. A ChildSafe magazine promotes the ChildSafe campaign suiting its target group – ChildSafe ads for Locals, Foreign Residents and Travelers. In magazines which feature a directory of hotels and restaurants, the ChildSafe certification (logo) is printed next to all ChildSafe venues.
We are looking for further business (international and mayor local businesses) to become partners of ChildSafe and support the campaign. Partnership differs from ChildSafe membership – it is more a way of promoting the campaign rather than receiving direct training and certification. ChildSafe partners promote the campaign to their wide range of clients and agree on tailor-made campaigns suiting their businesses: sponsoring the national ChildSafe hotline as a telecommunication firm, spreading the logo by printing it on a boarding pass or wing of an airplane as an Airline, making sure no child abusive material is sold in auctions as an (online) auction firm and so on.

No matter what kind of business you are — if you want to learn about ChildSafe, become a member of the network or support it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our members and partners receive great promotional activities from us in return: we promote our members and partners on our growing international website and other publications as well as in the ChildSafe Center in Cambodia. Furthermore – all members are promoted within the network:
  • ChildSafe Taxis advertise for ChildSafe Hotels and vice versa
  • ChildSafe Magazines advertise for ChildSafe Hotels and Restaurants
  • Our team promotes ChildSafe members (hotels, taxis, restaurants) to travel agents and tour operators
  • Etc.